Bespoke Tours

What sort of tour can you have with us?  How long is a piece of string?

Our bespoke tours are only limit by geography and imagination.  Together through emails and or phone calls we will look to see what sort of tour you are looking for, your likes, dislikes and some suggestions that you may not have even considered.  We will then provide you with the itinerary of the adventure we will go on together.  The planning is actually half the fun of the trip and makes the connection even stronger to the land you will call home for the duration for your stay.

 Arriving here you can then sit back while you are driven around Scotland with your own historian.  Whether you are coming as a solo traveler or have up to 8 in your party, to save environmental impact the vehicle we travel in will only be hired if a larger one is required.  We will help you order passes to multi attractions so even when you are not on one of our tours you can continue to use it saving you money and a further list of places to visit so you get the very most out of your once in a life time adventure.

Bespoke tours in the past have included:-

Our Ultimate Family Research Tour:  where your ancestors are the focal point for the whole tour over one or seven days depending on what we discover and the geographical locations.

Clan Tours of the famous connections to a specific clan.

Graveyards and Cemeteries of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Graveyards

Edinburgh Graveyards

Though this can easily be rolled out to any area of Scotland you like, Scotland is awash with imagery of funeral art and has some of the most spectacular examples to be found anywhere in the world.

Historian led.  Just fancy have your own Neil Oliver take you out for the day?  (Just more ladylike…he wins for the glossy locks though!)

In the footsteps of Mary Queen of Scots.  There seems to be very few places in Scotland Mary didn’t visit upon her return from France.  We can hit the well known such as Linlithgow but also the more obscure such as Balmerino Abbey.

Filming locations in Scotland. (For Outlander bespoke tours please see the dedicated page).