Ancestry Research Service

There are a number of ways that we can do the research and how you can use these findings.

Step One

First Choose who you want researched.

Single line search - Choosing the paternal or maternal branch from the Scottish relative you have chosen.

Double line search - Research into both lines from the Scottish relative you have chosen.

Step Two

Let us do our magic.

With advancing technologies there is so much more information available about our ancestors at the click of a button, however we won’t stop at the usual points of research, we will also visit both national and local archives where a lot of the information held in these locations has not been digitised.  We will also scour the newspaper archives.  If there is any documentation relating to your ancestors we won’t leave any stone unturned. 

We will search back as far as possible!

Step Three

 Choose how you want the information.

Digital Files

We can send you the digital files and scans of documentation to add to your own research.

Bound Book

We can print the information in a bound book including a family tree.

Personalised Book

We will visit the locations of where your ancestors lived, if dwellings are still standing we will get a photo of the home your great, great granny once lived in, we will also include local histories for the areas including more high quality photographs. All of this will be bound together in the ultimate family heirloom.

Dunfermline Palace

Custom Historical Tour

Now this is the really exciting one!

If you are planning that once in a lifetime trip to Scotland, then Charlotte will tailor a tour of your family history. Walk the very streets and visit the villages and towns that your family of yesteryear lived. Of course, we can add in some of the landmark sites. If documentation has been found in the archives it will be arranged that we can go, see the original documents. This won’t just be your trip to Scotland, it will be your trip to YOUR Scotland.


You are absolutely amazing! What you've done for me you will never know how grateful I am! It has taken such a weight off my heart & mind & has taken my breath away!x0x I was hoping for a wee dot of info but you have gone above & beyond. x0x